Sea of Thieves Tips & Tricks

Mysterious islands. Buried Treasure. Undead Skelton crews. These are just a few of things you’ll encounter in Sea of Thieves, a free-roaming multiplayer game where everyone gets the chance to be the ultimate pirate.

Sea of Thieves Tips & Tricks is the ultimate tool to help you explore, plunder and thrive in this exciting new world. It’s packed with useful tips, gameplay tricks, and secrets. You’ll learn how to undertake and complete voyages, work as a successful team, sail a Sloop or Galleon, master each weapon type, prank other players and more.

  • Learn what to do at the start of the game
  • Discover every item and weapon.
  • Master sailing the high-seas
  • Discover what it takes to be an evil pirate
  • Learn traditional pirate lingo and phrases
  • & much more!

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