iPhone 6s Tips & Tricks

iPhone 6s Tip & Tricks is an in-depth eBook available in the iBookstore that’s priced just $2.99. It’s packed with amazing tips, tricks and secrets for both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, each with a colourful screenshot and concise text.

iPhone 6s might look familiar, but with all-new hardware, 3D Touch, Live Photos, a 4K video camera and iOS 9, there’s an entirely new device to learn and discover. With more than 450 pages of knowledge, Phone 6s Tips & Tricks is here to help you discover every tip, trick and secret about this amazing new iPhone. Written by best-selling technology author Thomas Anthony, iPhone 6s Tips & Tricks is jam-packed with helpful tips which are categorized by app, subject matter or setting. You’ll discover everything you need to know about 3D Touch, iOS 9, Live Photos, built-in apps, mobile photography, image editing, accessibility tips and more.

“The iPhone 6s is incredibly easy to learn, with intuitive apps, features and settings,” says Thomas Anthony, author of iPhone 6s Tip & Tricks. “But as each iteration is released, new features such as Live Photos and 4K video capture are added, all of which take knowledge and experience to really make the most of. That’s why I wrote, iPhone 6s Tips & Tricks. It’s packed with hundreds of help tips that are categorized by subject matter or theme, and each with its own screenshot and concise text. There’s never been a better or more in-depth way to learn about the iPhone 6s.”